5 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies you should watch out for in 2022

Historically there’s a 20% probability that all Cryptocurrencies (Including USD) will fail in one lifetime. I am considering an average life span of 75 years.

The Roman empire lasted for 1500 years. In this period the Roman dynasty’s currency prevailed for only 250 years. All other currencies introduced failed within 75 years.

Many currencies in countries like Venezuela, the national currencies became worthless because of hyperinflation. Check out my detailed LinkedIn post to know more about what happened in Venezuela.

This is exactly why I say Crypto currencies are as riskier to have as your money in your bank. However, we tend to believe in government authorized currency bills since that is the only form currency we have experienced.

This is exactly why bitcoin recorded a market capitalization of $ 1072.21 Billion as of March 2021. The user index for 2021 shows an increase of 97% confidence in cryptocurrencies.

This article recommends 5 most popular cryptocurrencies worth investing in 2022. This blog is a watch out indicator. We strongly recommend our readers to make well informed investment decisions.

Also, this is not a featured advertorial. The recommendation is based our research and observations.

So then, let us start without any further delay.

1. Bitcoin

No prizes for guessing.  Bitcoin will deliver an exciting journey to its investors in 2022. In Q1 2021, Bitcoin registered a growth of 400%. In 2022 also, Bitcoin will continue to surge. About 3 years ago laymen only knew one cryptocurrency. It was bitcoin.

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2. Ethereum

This is obviously the next big cryptocurrency. Ethereum is rapidly becoming popular for digital payments globally. This crypto platform is available to every individual on the planet. Experts believe that Ethereum will grow by leaps and bounds in 2022.

3 .Cardano

Experts say that this is one of the safest crypto platforms on the planet.  The current market capitalization of Carnado is about $ 43.61 Billion. Carnoda is one of the eco-friendliest crypto currency. In fact, this platform is also getting regularized by many governments like Africa.

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4. Tether

It is the investor’s favorite crypto currency in 2021. Built on a safe and secure platform this currency can be traded on almost all the trading platforms. Tether has a market capitalization of more than $ 73.02 Billion.

5. XRP

This easy-to-use crypto currency is built on an open-source platform. It helps its beneficiaries to process payments round the globe in about 3-5 seconds.

This is another currency that needs a close watch. Experts say this might be the next currency that will make many investors bite their nails with exponential growth in 2022.

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To Conclude, Popular cryptocurrencies is the future. It has the intrinsic value any currency commands. On the other hand, intrinsic value of currency notes seems to be declining.

Another reason cryptocurrency is not being accepted by many governments is because it doesn’t need any sovereign interference of governments.

Having said that we suggest readers to make informed decision while making investments.

To add to this, always have a diversified portfolio. Diversify portfolio within various crypto currencies. Also, diversify your portfolio into different asset classes like Stock Options, Commodities, Mutual Funds and Debts etc.

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