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We as a fintech app development company accelerate fintech revolution and uses our expertise to overcome the industry challenges.

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    Highen is a team of passionate fintech app developers. We breathe fintech. The biggest pain points of any fintech founder are the complications like regulations, compliances etc. As development partners, we do not limit ourselves to development. We become partners with you for the whole journey starting from ideation, product development, A/B testing and launch. We work closely with your operations and marketing teams to modulate the flows to enhance consumer experiences.

What We Include in Fintech App Development

In our Fintech application development journey, we follow these 5 steps to guarantee product success for you:


We work with you and your team to align ourselves with your dream. We work rigorously as your extended team to ensure all units are calibrated to outcomes instead of products. We keep consumer experience at the core of product development. This helps us build products that acquire new users and retain existing users.


The financial world is complicated. There are tons of regulations that you need to keep in mind. Our product developers have hands-on experience building products that guarantee 100% compliance. Our partnership is beyond product building. We help you with a product development journey immune to legal complications.

Product Development

Our journey with you is more like a partnership. We collaborate with you to ensure transparent product development. This helps us align our teams with your business goals and objectives.

Robust Testing Mechanisms

Our testing infrastructure has the right combination of testing automation and human intervention. We test every module beforehand to avoid surprises. Still, if there are any, our DevOps team and coders work hand in hand to resolve them for you.


We build tech-enabled launch modules. These modules are focussed on early adopters of your product/platform. They help our initial users feel special. We’d be glad to talk about this with you over a call.

Benefits Of Fintech App Development for Your Business

Today the world is digital. Every business wants a custom fintech application to monitor all its financial activities. Today, neo-banks have become the consumer’s most preferred banking partners. Thus, innovation in the fintech application development space is immense. We help you with fintech application ideas that have the capability of improving lives worldwide.

Additionally, it facilitates secure payment for even the tiniest organisation, promoting expansion. Economic development is significantly aided by fintech innovation. It makes the payment process highly convenient for an end user with safe, secure, and quick payment, not only for businesses. Obtaining credit is also becoming more straightforward, thanks to fintech innovation.

What Kinds of Fintech Applications Do We Create?

We like developing unique financial apps. Understanding the most important pain problems for your customers or organisation is the first step in our development process. In the past, we have assisted several established financial institutions in developing applications that are focused on consumers in the following areas. Companies that produce fintech applications


We have helped businesses automate mundane daily tasks. Our lending applications are capable of helping you make informed lending decisions instantly.

Digital Wallet

Our wallets are built to keep the consumer experience as your core value. We make secure wallet solutions that leverage Ai/ml and deep tech models that help you onboard new users and retain existing ones.


Our contactless e-billing solutions are compatible with any hardware. We offer multi-grid security to make sure your transactions are safe and secure. We help you integrate payments from any bank worldwide.

Trading platform

We help you build forex/currency/shares and equity trading platforms. We help you create boundaries to ensure you comply with all the regulatory compliances.


Blockchain based Fintech is the core reason we are at the epicenter of a fintech wave. We help you build secure blockchain-based solutions for transparency and decentralization of authority from human-controlled environments.

Crypto Software

Cryptocurrency is the next big thing (After Block Chain). All cryptocurrencies have blockchain as their backbone. We help you build consumer-centric crypto trading platforms.

Our Process

We are not technology vendors. We work like partners. Our team of passionate fintech developers believes in calibrating themselves to your overall goals and objectives. We do beyond the scope of work. We firmly believe that products can be built anywhere. What is of fundamental importance is aligning the development team with the real business goals. We invest our time and energy in understanding your dream. Our team helps you determine the legal compliances you need to follow. Help you build products that keep you legally immune. Fintech app development company in India

  1. Requirement Gathering
  2. Deal with compliance
  3. Research and features defining
  4. UI/UX design
  5. MVP Development
  6. Testing
  7. Delivery


Finance is the most regulated industry worldwide. While building any fintech product, it is essential to ensure that it complies with the regulators. Regulators worldwide are also evolving. Hence it is essential to work with a product development team that is aware of the current financial regulations in your geography.

Well, it is best to get in touch with a legal aid specializing in finance. The financial sector worldwide is evolving. Even the regulators keep modulating their policies for fintech operators. Thus, we recommend that fintech founders work closely with product development teams that have built successful fintech products.

Consumer experience is the most important element in the success of a fintech product. The fintech industry is born majorly because of the lack of consumer centricity in traditional banking systems. Thus, new-age fintech infrastructure is leaving behind conventional financial systems. Today Neo banks (Digital only Banks) are believed to be more successful than traditional banks. The only reason these new age fintech brands are becoming unicorns is "Consumer centricity."

There are tremendous opportunities for automating daily mundane tasks in the traditional financial services space. E.g., Any BFSI business gets a number of loan applications daily. Typically speaking, all traditional businesses log in to the file and manually look into the applicant's merits. However, an intelligent Ai/ML-empowered Lending automation robot can interpret documents using Natural Language Understanding and automatically decide whether the applicant is worthy of giving a loan.