Top Upcoming Fintech Events to Visit in 2024


Top Fintech Events to Attend in 2023 - 2024

With the globe still seeing unheard-of inflation levels, fintech technology guide is becoming more important than ever in the financial sector. Fintech can provide doors that boost productivity and support people and businesses’ success during a downturn.

Leaders in the sector and those making decisions may learn a lot from the numerous fintech conferences and events taking place all around the world, and these insights can help guide firms through these difficult times.

The Greatest Fintech Events and Conferences in 2023 - 24

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1. FinTech Connect, December 6-7, 2023, ExCeL London

The longest-running top Fintech event in Europe is returning for two days of networking, lectures, and exhibits. In its tenth year, Fintech Connect has given the fintech sector much-needed information. They also provide a venue for forming collaborations and alliances that advance the digital financial sector. 

2. Davos, Switzerland hosts the World Economic Forum (WEF) from January 15 to 19, 2024.

The World Economic Forum conference in Davos wields significant global political influence. The 54th edition concentrates on emerging technologies’ potential and influence on global cooperation and decision-making. As usual, a plethora of global leaders and prominent figures from the realms of industry, finance, and civil society will be in the city to deliberate on the most critical issues of the upcoming year and the difficulties that face us today.

Fintech will undoubtedly be high on the agenda since the WEF’s form formed the EDISON Alliance last year to advance digital inclusion in vital industries. In 2016, we “disrupted” the WEF by bringing fintech CEOs and industry leaders to Davos while I was the CEO of Innovate Finance. One legacy of WEF founder Klaus Schwab is that the Davos Promenade serves as the hub of the global IT community for the week. Mix and mingle with CEOs, business owners, and international leaders at the Piano Bar after skiing.

3. Fintech World 24, March 13-14, 2024, Berlin

In mid-March, the German city of Berlin will host Fintech World 24, drawing attention from the global fintech community. The event, held in the magnificent Motorwerk Berlin building, is renowned for its dialogue-oriented formats and focuses on new developments and innovative business models that are now reshaping the European financial services market.

Attendees will include more than 150 tech businesses, as well as several investors, consultants, and industry service providers. The subjects of discussion will be divided into 13 distinct “themed worlds,” including investment, insurtech, personal finance management, and cryptocurrency.

4. New York Fintech Week – April 8, 12–12, 2024 

With cooperation at the forefront of the agenda for a week of roundtables, conferences, and soirées, the New York fintech ecosystem has its sights set squarely on New York Fintech Week. Pay attention to the AgeTech Collaborative Roundtable and the Financial Wellness Pitch Day; in particular, given the problematic financing market, you should not miss the Investor Reverse Pitch Breakfast.

This is a must-attend event for anybody interested in East Coast fintech, with over 400 fintechs represented among the over 4,000 entrepreneurs and investors attending over 40 programs. The opening party and boat cruise are reportedly the largest in the conference’s history.

5. IFGS Global Summit May 14-16, 2024, London

In its ninth year, the first fintech conference has brought together entrepreneurs, institutions, venture capitalists, regulators, and policymakers, prioritizing market content above sponsor-driven material. It was founded in 2015. The high church of global fintech, Guildhall in the City of London, is the venue for the Innovate Finance Global Summit.

With 1,000 fintech conferences created, the conference serves as the face of the industry. As the previous CEO of Innovate Finance, you’re undoubtedly assuming that I would say this, and you are correct. The fintech conference scene blossomed internationally under my direction in the heyday of the industry, and this was the conference that established the standard by creating a model that many other conferences imitated.

The agenda for the summit in 2024 is yet unknown, but it is sure to include CxO speakers from the top fintech companies in the world, together with top government officials from the UK and other countries. Throughout the week, the U.K. government is sponsoring many fintech events. Take caution not to find yourself in an after-hours karaoke box in Soho, London.

6. Dubai FinTech Summit, May 6-7, 2024, Dubai

Dubai, which is well-known as one of the leading fintech centers globally, will be the meeting place for major Best Fintech App Development company’s in the sector in early May 2024. The Dubai FinTech Summit 2019 aimed to establish a global benchmark for financial innovation. The event featured a diverse agenda and renowned speakers innovation.” Although the agenda and speaker lineup are not yet available, attendees can expect to hear about topics that are widely discussed, such as open finance, digital payments, web3, and sustainability.

7. Empire FinTech Conference – April 10, 2024, New York

A global forum that unites financial institutions, investors, and entrepreneurs is the Empire FinTech Conference. This event, which originated in San Francisco, has spread worldwide, demonstrating the relevance and attraction of fintech everywhere. A full day of presentations, conversations, and networking opportunities is in store for attendees.

Fintech Event List

8. Consensus – Austin May, 29, 2024

Be part of the blockchain and crypto community at Consensus, hosted by Coin Desk. This event unites enthusiasts, developers, and experts to shape the digital economy’s future. Known for fostering innovation, it’s a must for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

9. Fintech Retreat – Feb 5, 2024, San Francisco

Fintech leaders may attend an exclusive event hosted by The Fintech Retreat. Intimate conversations, imagination, and idea sharing are encouraged in this laid-back setting, which advances the fintech sector. It’s an experience rather than just a conference.

10. Fintech Meetup – March 3, 2024, Las Vegas

Making contacts is the primary goal of Fintech Meetup. With over 10,000 online encounters promised by its innovative style, it’s the quickest method to meet individuals who have the power to transform your company. Attending this event is essential for everyone working in the fintech sector since it’s not only about hearing but also about interacting.

11. Future Digital Finance – April 4, 2024, New Orleans

With Future Digital Finance, you can reinvent your online banking experience. This conference is more than simply a gathering of people; it’s an experience that puts digital initiatives first to improve consumer satisfaction. It promises thought leadership and actionable insights with endorsements from top industry players.

12. TRANSACT – April 17, 2024, Las Vegas

The hub of the payments sector is TRANSACT. This is the place to be if you want to close business, network, or remain current on advances. With a show floor full of innovators and disruptors, TRANSACT makes sure you’re constantly aware of what’s new and what’s coming up next.

13. WealthStack – March 13, 2024, Florida

WealthStack is the nexus of wealth management and technology. This event, which is geared toward nearly 2,000 financial advisors, RIA decision-makers, and wealthtech influencers, provides an in-depth look at the newest wealthtech. WealthStack is the event that forward-thinking professionals flock to when they want to network with industry pioneers and analyze cutting-edge advancements.

14. Smarter Faster Payments – Miami May 6, 2024

Explore the newest trends, technology, and regulatory developments in the payments business at Smarter Faster Payments, where innovators and industry leaders come together. This seminar, which focuses on the ACH Network and speedier payments, promises to provide insights that can change the way you approach payments.

15. The U.S. Fintech Symposium – June 6, 2024, Chicago

The US Fintech Symposium is a valuable resource for financial professionals seeking fintech insights. Through panels, keynotes, and networking, it offers practical fintech applications in the financial services industry. 


Fintech’s rapid growth, driven by technology’s importance, necessitates staying updated on developments and challenges through industry events to discover fintech solutions, and trends and network with like-minded individuals.

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