Top 5 Fintech Startups To Take Inspiration From in 2022


5 Best Amazing Fintech Start-Ups To Take Inspiration From in 2022.


Thank you for visiting our last blog for this amazing year 2022. This 5-minute read article will list down the 5 most amazing start-ups to take inspiration from in 2022.

All wise people welcome a new year as a new chapter in their lives. However, it is equally important to look back on the past year and take inspiration from people who have done something extraordinary in the last year.

Isn’t it? So then let us begin without any further delay. I am listing down a list of 5 startups that did really well in this year 2022. I hope I get to write a list of 10 at the end of the next year 2023.

 Top 5 Fintech Startups To Take Inspiration IN 2022

1. Good Leap

This amazing start-up was valued at 12 Billion USD in July 2022. This California-based company makes it easier for homeowners to make upgrades. Contractors and vendors make use of the good leap application to get the customer project loans approved for solar panels and installations. Did I tell you the landscape is not limited to solar panels only? In fact, the application delivers a seamless experience across 20 categories of home upgrades.

2. Brex

They were also valued at $ 12 Billion USD in 2022. The company provides FDIC-approved corporate cash management accounts and corporate credit cards with no account fees. It also offers travel rewards and a built-in expense tracking system. Some of the many customers it acquired include ClassPass, AirBnB, and Carda.

3. Open Sea

This startup was valued at $ 13.3 Billion USD in 2022. They were the leaders of the 2022 NFT craze. The open sea is a peer-to-peer open platform that helps you trade, buy and sell NFTs. The company keeps a 2.5% commission on each sale. They have already processed more than 3.5 Billion USD of NFT every month. The open sea is the category leader. However, competitors like Coinbase are running the battle to get their share of the total industry.

4 . Plaid

This startup will be valued at 13.4 Billion USD in the mid of 2022. This company helps Fintech applications like Venmo connect customer bank accounts to make payments and deposits easier. They became more visible when they acquired Identity verification earlier this year and know your customer compliance provider Cognito for a whopping 250 Million USD.


They were valued at 14 Billion USD in 2022. This British crypto exchange is the world’s most popular crypto exchange wallet. It allows you to manage private keys for several currencies. It also expanded to the United States. It is currently serving 35 states.


This small list of startups aims to make sure we take inspiration from the Fintech leaders of 2022. This list of startups will surely give a guiding light to startup founders to do better in 2023.

Have I missed an exciting startup to watch out for in 2022? Please add a startup in the comments. I will definitely do a new blog to cover those I lost in the blog.

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