Fintech Application Development Costs in 2023


What Is the Cost of Building a FinTech App?

Are you curious about the price of developing a FinTech app? So you’re in luck! We will go deeply into the world of financial technology in this blog article and reveal the mysteries around its development expenses. Join us on this fascinating adventure as we investigate how much it costs to construct a FinTech app, whether you are an ambitious businessperson or simply fascinated by cutting-edge technologies. Prepare to be amazed and educated!


Regarding fintech, there are a few things which you need to consider. The price of development comes first. A FinTech app price is how much? The complexity and the features you choose to include will be influenced by the functionality of your software. The cost between $50,000 and $250,000 on average is a custom-built FinTech app. 

Ongoing, maintenance and support are both another important factors. There will be costs with keeping it up to date with new features as time goes on. The size and complexity of your software are the expense can range from a few hundred to a minimum of thousand dollars every month.

What is FinTech?

FinTech, short for financial technology, is a quickly expanding financial services business sector. Utilizing cutting-edge technology can create brand-new products and services. The variety of shapes and sizes, cover a wide range of activities, including mailing money and managing accounts and loans.

How Does Fintech Function?

FinTech, in its most basic form, is applying technology to improve the effectiveness and convenience of financial services. For instance, a FinTech business might create a smartphone app that enables bill payment or money transfers to pals without going to a bank branch.

Fintech utilizes blockchain technology for secure digital transactions, streamlining banks’ payment processes, and reducing fraud risk.

Types of FinTech Apps

The fintech sector has expanded over time to meet various diverse financial needs of consumers and enterprises. There is a fintech app for every type of financial need, from enabling rapid bank transfers to assisting users with mobile payments, financial and investment planning, and insurance claim settlement. The type of fintech app chosen and the accompanying features and functionality will also affect the development cost.

Types of FinTech Apps

    • Mobile Wallet App: Customers can use the mobile wallet app to link their bank accounts and pay for purchases directly by entering the retailer’s mobile number or by scanning a QR code. 
    • Mobile Banking App: Most banks have transformed their conventional Internet banking services into complete mobile banking applications. Through a mobile banking app, you may complete all your net banking tasks, check statements, change information, and submit requests for financial services. 
    • Personal and Consumer Finance Apps: These fintech applications can process transactions, integrate numerous bank accounts, debit and credit cards, and do in-depth financial planning for users considering their savings, expenses, and investments. 
    • Lending App: Independent fintech apps are also available for disbursing and processing loans to qualified consumers based on their credit score, supporting documents, and credibility. 
    • Apps for trading and investing: Several apps are available that make trading stocks and making other investments easier. In addition to offering direct access to stock market terminals, some apps advise making investments. 
    • Apps for insurance: Customers can apply for the appropriate insurance covers based on their needs and eligibility using life insurance and general insurance apps. These apps can perform various tasks, including determining eligibility, limiting insurance needs, and handling claims.

What is the cost of developing a Fintech app in India?

India, which serves as the world’s IT outsourcing centre, has a sizable manpower pool for all development-related talents and a competitive cost advantage. It makes sense why businesses worldwide go to India because of the country’s low app development costs. The question is: What is the actual cost of producing a fintech app in India, considering all the variable elements? Let us examine numerous projections and reliable market data.

The cost of designing a Fintech app in India relies on the extent of features and functionalities, app complexity, and user experience aspects, as we have already covered in detail. The operating system platform and associated technology stack influence the development cost.

The typical development cost for a financial app project is between $10,000 and $45,000. This price estimate includes the fundamental, sophisticated, and UI/UX components needed to create a sophisticated financial app. The price of producing a fintech app in India cannot depart significantly from this average estimate. However, there are greater options to get a cheaper deal without sacrificing expertise or high-quality materials.

Cost Factors for Developing a FinTech App

When creating a FinTech app, there are many things to consider, and the price can vary depending on the features and functionality you need. Common cost considerations include:

Design and development: The costliest component of your software will be its design and development. You must assemble a group of designers and developers who can produce an appealing and approachable user interface and any intricate features or functionality you might require.

There are two terms for testing and quality assurance. Although this process can be costly it is essential to ensure excellent customer service.

Include hosting and maintenance costs in your budget when your app is live to prevent financial strain. Plan wisely to avoid surprises and ensure sustainability.

Costing the Development of a FinTech App

The features and services you want to offer, the cost of building a FinTech app may vary significantly. Working with a seasoned development firm that can evaluate your unique requirements and provide an accurate quote is necessary if you want to receive an exact estimate of the cost to construct your app.

Therefore, the cost to create a fintech app table is here to estimate:

A fintech app’s design cost will be influenced by the following factors, among others:

  1. The app’s size and complexity. The cost of developing a simple app with just a few essential functions will be less than that of a complicated app with many features and integrations.
  1. The platform for which you intend to build. Development expenses may vary depending on whether you want to build iOS, Android, or web-based software.
  1. The design group you collaborate with. You should anticipate paying extra for the services of a development team if you select one with more expertise and a solid reputation. However, the ultimate product will probably be of greater quality due to this expenditure.
  1. The duration of the app’s development. An app will cost more the longer it takes to build. Additional costs will be incurred for rush jobs.

Remember that there may be additional elements unique to your project in addition to these that influence the cost of producing a FinTech app. Carefully inquire about all prospective expenses while receiving quotations from various development firms.

Aspect of Development Estimated Cost
App Concept and Planning $5,000 - $10,000
UI/UX Design $10,000 - $30,000
Front-end Development $15,000 - $40,000
Back-end Development $20,000 - $50,000
API Integration $5,000 - $15,000
Security and Compliance $10,000 - $25,000
Testing and Quality Assurance $10,000 - $20,000
Launch and Deployment $5,000 - $10,000
Maintenance and Updates (monthly) $1,000 - $5,000
Total Estimated Cost $81,000 - $205,000

FinTech App Development Cost: Types of Apps

Showcase how profitable financial markets are now and in the future by looking at the worldwide FinTech market statistics presented above. However, you must first have a clear idea of the kind of FinTech business apps you want to create before looking for “how to develop a FinTech app” instructions. To make your struggle easier, we have given the most common FinTech business application kinds and finTech app development Costs in this part.

Type of App Required Time FinTech App Development Cost
Banking App 3200 hours $160,000
Lending App 2300 hours $120,000
Insurance App 2800 hours $140,000
Investment App 2500 hours $125,000
Consumer Finance 2600 hours $130,000

Fintech App Development Cost Based on Location

Another key element that impacts the finTech app development Cost is the business location you have partnered with to create your FinTech app. The finTech app development Cost is established based on the hourly rate of the team of 4–7 experts and the time needed to build an app in a certain nation. An expert in India often charges less than one in the US when developing FinTech applications.

Location Hourly Rates of Developers (Approx)
North America $25 – $35
Latin America $25 – $35
Europe $35 – $65
India $20 – $25
Africa $25 – $30

Features to Impact Fintech App Development Costs

Security for FinTech Apps

Data and network security are the most important challenges with a significant financial impact on fintech apps. Using multi-factor authentication, biometric user authentication, and advanced security algorithms can significantly reduce the cost of developing fintech applications. Costs may increase with the most recent decentralized Blockchain database that guarantees tamper-proof data processing.

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)

Finding anomalies and strange transaction patterns in the financial sector is crucial for avoiding security problems in the future. Algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) may be helpful in this situation. By utilising AI and ML-based algorithms to give data-driven insights for investment decisions, fintech apps can assist users with financial planning.

Notifications Focused on the Customer

Notifications are crucial in fintech apps for retaining users and offering them timely financial services. Users of mobile banking apps are kept informed and protected from security hazards via notifications following each transaction. Making the best investment decisions regarding investment and stock trading applications requires quick notifications on high-return investments and stock options.

Assistant by voice and chatbot

Smart voice assistants and chatbots are another popular feature that modern finance apps incorporate to keep users interested. Customers can ask questions about real-time exchange or interest rates, stay informed about the best stocks to buy, and stay informed about the processing of documents and requirements for loans thanks to chatbots. They may communicate on the go even more easily by using voice chatbots and voice assistants without using their fingers very much. These are sophisticated features that cost much money to develop.

Attractive UI/UX design

You have a false understanding of the advantages of UI/UX design if you believe you need such exquisite and eye-catching user interfaces to facilitate mobile transmission. Due to the abundance of these fintech apps for mobile wallets, banking, investing, and financial planning, each category has intense competition. As a result, you must be mentally prepared to invest wisely in your fintech app project’s UI/UX design.

Analytics of Data

Financial companies can use this vast data pool to understand customer demands, the scope of new financial products, and future investment and financial trends. Fintech apps handle a tonne of financial, business, and personal data from various contexts. Due to this, a sizeable percentage of the fintech app project is devoted to data analytics.

Tips for Reducing Costs

  1. Examine the prices of related apps. By starting with the costs of similar apps, you can calculate the costs of producing your app with accuracy.
  1. Use open-source applications. By making it simpler to locate and utilise pre-existing code and components, open-source technology can help you cut development expenses.

    Tips for Reducing Costs

  1. Keep out superfluous features. Be careful to concentrate on the key features users need and use when developing your app. Your development costs may increase quickly if you include too many bells and whistles.
  1. Employ a basic layout. While a sophisticated design could look fantastic, it can also significantly increase the cost of your project. Keep the design of your app straightforward to reduce costs.
  1. Pick a seasoned development crew. An experienced team will not only be able to design your app more quickly, but they will also be able to give suggestions on reducing costs as the project is being developed.


If you want to offer your consumers a quick and safe financial service, investing in developing a FinTech app might be difficult and expensive. We trust this post has improved your understanding of the price of developing a FinTech application. With the help of a reliable FinTech app development company, you can learn how much it costs to construct a FinTech app and gain knowledge of the costs and variables that affect the overall development process, enabling you to make well-informed decisions for your financial technology endeavor. Any company or person wishing to build a name for themselves in finance technology can do so with careful preparation and strategic choices.

The cost of developing a FinTech app is influenced by several variables, including the app's complexity, features, and capabilities, platform compatibility (iOS, Android, web), design complexity, data security measures, integration with third-party APIs, and the location and experience of the development team.
A FinTech app cannot be built for set pricing because each project has different needs. Depending on the particular requirements and objectives of the app, the price can vary considerably.
The price of developing a FinTech app can range from a few thousand dollars for straightforward apps with fundamental functionality to hundreds of thousands for complicated apps with cutting-edge functionalities and stringent security standards.
Consider prioritizing critical functions first and adding complex functionalities later to reduce expenditures. Utilizing open-source technologies and selecting a skilled development team with a reasonable pricing structure can also aid in cutting development costs.
Work with a reliable app development business or contract a skilled development team to obtain an exact pricing estimate. Send them a thorough project brief outlining your app's specifications and goals. They will evaluate the project's complexity and scope and provide a tailored cost estimate based on your unique requirements and industry norms.

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