4 Aspects To Focus On While Designing A Trading Platform


4 Aspects To Focus On While Designing A Trading Platform


The global online trading market is growing at a 5.1% CAGR every year. It is estimated to reach $ 12.6 Billion by 2028. As a result, the market will experience an increase in the number of trading platforms. There are already many web-based trading platforms in the market. Yet, new platforms with better capabilities are picking up in this market rapidly.

This blog will help you identify the most important aspects to focus on while designing the best platform to trade. Also, this will assist you in revamping your existing platform in 2022. An ideal electronic Trading platform has swift execution, the best security, and support.

Enhance the performance of your trading platform by working on these 4 crucial aspects-

Sign-up Procedure

Every trading platform allows the user to create an individual account. This gives them a personalized experience. May it be a trading view app or trading web platform, signing up is the initial step of connection. Sign up procedure will be the first impression of the platform. The easier it is, the better it will be.

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Sign-up Procedure

Initiating logins through social media platforms is also a quick option. Such platforms can include

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

It is best to keep the sign-up procedure simple and less time-consuming.

Add-on Features

the design of other trading platforms. Reviewing will help you in deciding features that will enhance your user experience. Develop features that make your platform the best of the rest.

A list of a few features that can make your platform design better –

  1. Real-time market updates.
  2. Order execution tools.
  3. Analytics tools.
  4. Visual representation of data.
  5. Data confidentiality.
  6. Advanced ordering tools.
  7. Filtering news feeds.
  8. Advanced research tools.
  9. Financial calculators.
  10. Automated trading advisors.
  11. Community & forums.

You can tweak the set of capabilities. Above are some possible features as a recommendation, to begin with.

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The user should not get confused when they are exploring your platform. The navigation on your trading platform should be easy to understand. Getting from the analytics tool to the trading screen should not be a treasure hunt.

The placement of different topics in an appropriate manner is a must. Frequently used options should be placed in easily locatable spots. Headers are the best place to display such options. Whereas, footers can accommodate other options with less usage.

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Customer Service

No matter how easy and simple the platform is, someone will always require help. Have a FAQ section that deals with some extremely basic questions. Also, make sure to have a dedicated number where people can call for assistance. Also, mention the calling hours and type of help that people can call for.

Customer service is a crucial aspect that decides the retention rate of users. Better customer service stands a chance to attract more novice investors & traders. If you are looking for help in designing a trading platform, Highen Fintech is the best platform. Join hands with us to launch an industry-leading custom trading platform development guide.

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